Our Services

System Integration

At Excelsior Engineering, we believe a better way of powering your homes and businesses is through renewable energy, in particular, solar energy.

We offer turnkey solutions in design, procurement and of solar PV and thermal systems to all- residential, commercial, industrial and government clients.

We execute projects for both roof-top and ground mounted applications, as well as specialised applications like telecom towers, hoardings, and water pumping systems, among others.

Solar Panel Installers

Through the expertise gained in our other business verticals, we are able to anticipate potential issues on the ground during solar system installation and mitigate risks, thereby increasing our speed of execution.

Our installations are simple and plug-and-play, yet innovative and provides the most optimised efficiency for the entire system.

We are extremely client-focused; our thorough due diligence during the development phase allows us to provide solutions that are not only economical in the short term, but also throughout the life of the equipment.

These systems are also equipped with real-time monitoring ensuring that the system has the least down time.

As part of our philosophy, we incorporate quality and safety in all aspects of the project life cycle.

Contact us to know more on how we can work as a solar installer for your rooftop or ground mounted projects.