Our Services

Performance Analysis and Retrofitting

We analyse the performance of projects through each stage of development and commissioning, measure their output and compare it with the design principles to make sure that production is being carried out according to plan.

Using a variety of advanced tools, analysis methods and resource assessments, we undertake various tests to quantify the underperformance of the project, if any. Our audit will cover all aspects, including civil, mechanical and electrical segments.

The client will obtain independent information of the possible risks of the project along with the measures for its optimisation.

We also have a robust remote monitoring and diagnostics service that can monitor every detail of the project’s operation.

Solar Energy Resource Assessment

We assist in retrofitting of these underperforming projects. We assess them from both, an economic and technical stand point, and provide the best possible solution that will turn around its performance and thereby increase its financial returns to the owner of the solar power plant.

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