Our Services

Owner’s Engineering

We offer our objective and unbiased technical expertise during the development phase by working either alongside or leading the client’s team through our owner’s engineering services.

We advise our clients from inception itself over all matters related to the project, from feasibility studies, site and technology selection, creation of DPR, solar system component specifications, financial planning, bidding and project schedules.

We also assist our clients in validation of system design, vendor evaluation and selection, supervision during project execution till commissioning and carrying out performance acceptance tests.

Renewable Energy Projects

Our team has a varied portfolio across all engineering disciplines that rigorously monitors each stage of the project, while maintaining highest standards of quality and safety.

We minimise risks during the design phase by verifying that designs are compliant with the requirements of the project, industry standards and best engineering practices.

We also assist our clients in selecting the best vendors and competent contractors that best fit the solar energy project requirements. Our extensive database and relations with various vendors gives the client complete support in maintaining cost control.

We become our clients’ eyes and ears on the ground during the construction phase, constantly maintaining cost and time control; and identifying potential problems that may arise and advise all parties involved of potential issues and its best solutions.

We are a one stop solution with our tailored services that not only minimises risks, saves time and improves performance, but allows the client to focus on other business areas while safeguarding their investment.

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