Our Services

Operations and Maintenance

We work with project owners to run and maintain their asset in technical, commercial and administrative capacities, thus ensuring that the project’s production translates into a consistent revenue stream.

Our preventive maintenance activities cover every detail of the project; we carry out timely inspections as per the manufacturers’ requirements.

Our advanced tools and equipment allow us to thoroughly analyse every component, making sure that any anomaly is quickly observed, analysed, logged and rectified, before any major damage can occur.

Solar Operations And Maintenance

We take care of the entire operation, cleaning the individual solar power system components and maintaining a safe working environment for the personnel and equipment. Our responsibility is to identify, investigate, diagnose and repair the equipment. We also analyse the causes of failure on a macroscopic and microscopic level to ensure the lowest downtime of the failed equipment.

Our in depth monitoring and logging of activities allows us to produce timely reports that is beneficial on a technical and executive level.

Our O&M team of highly qualified technicians ensure quick support at any location around the country and ensure maximum system efficiency.

We become the trusted guardians of the project with our asset management services that include, but are not exclusive to, equipment warranties, inspections, calibration of equipment and inventory / spare parts management.

Contact us to know more about our Operations and Maintenance services for your upcoming or existing solar projects.