About Us


With India’s rampant growth, comes an ever increasing requirement for energy consumption. In order to fulfil this and achieve energy independence for the masses, we must look to more sustainable, alternative sources of energy.

We aspire to accomplish a leadership position in the industry by providing engineering solutions that are sustainable, reliable and affordable to our clients, ensuring the highest quality and excellence in our work.


Our quest is to deliver reliable, innovative and cost-effective turnkey solutions to our clients considering their current and future demands.

We aim to assist our clients with solutions that have a level of quality that is not just technically excellent, but truly adds a lasting value that spans beyond the life of the project.

Our Values
  • Our passion for excellence drives us.
  • We believe each client and their requirements are unique. Our solutions provided should have more than just its own value, but will be an asset for the future.
  • We place extremely high levels of safety standards at each stage of the project. Our stringent safety policy and recurrent trainings to our staff ensures safe working conditions.
  • We continuously seek to improve ourselves, embrace change and innovation.
  • Through the projects we undertake and experience we gain, we continue to evolve and create a better value chain system throughout the industry.
The Team

Our team boasts of engineers, who not only have abundant field experience, but also are highly technically qualified with a wide range of backgrounds, from electrical to civil, mechanical and automation as per the project requirement.

The company is founded by Mr. Uday Doshi who is an expat from USA, with over 10 years of experience with electrical power systems. He has led several teams and worked on several complicated projects. He has on ground experience for the solar projects by working earlier with solar EPC companies before forming Excelsior Engineering Solutions. He posseses a Bachelors and Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from USA.

To support our core team, we also have well trained drafters, designers, research analysts and marketing experts that make us a very strong and competent in this domain.

Through our strategic partners at various locations, we can also provide additional on ground immediate responsive support to our clients.